Catalytic Converters

At MACS we de-can the catalytic converters we purchase and sell loose catalyst to smelters, this means we can pay you more for your converters than a lot of other buyers. We keep our pricing up to date as the markets change and we buy by number, so you can be sure you’re getting the maximum value for your converters. Whether you’re an automotive repair shop with 10 converters or a scrap yard with 500 converters you can be sure you’re being treated right when you do business with us.

If you have a large quantity of units, ask us how we can help get you even more money by de-canning your converters at our facility. We’d love to discuss terms and come up with the best solution for your business!

If you are an individual trying to sell a catalytic converter, we will only buy from you if you have a verifiable receipt/work order detailing the removal/replacement of your converter(s). We can also buy from you if you’re selling us your whole car and you have NOT removed the converter, Alabama law stipulates that we must remove the converter.