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About Us

MACS (Medders Auto Core Supply, Inc.) opened for business in October of 1993. The Medders brothers, Keith and Wayne, started with two pickup trucks traveling the Southeastern US buying automotive cores from mechanics, salvage yards, and recycling centers. They would bring the parts back to their shop in Alexandria, AL, which was at the time one block building sitting on a few acres with a fenced-in yard. There they sorted the parts for resale to large rebuilders. As the business grew, they decided to open two days a week when they were at the shop sorting. Eventually, MACS grew to the point they were able to hire help sorting and buying at the shop location and they started opening 5 days a week. Very quickly they outgrew the one building and added on. Today MACS has over 24000 sq ft of warehousing space, loading docks, a truck scale, and more.

When MACS started growing and the brothers started adding on they purchased their first baler and began buying recyclable metals. Wayne was in the scrap business for years before they decided to open the core shop, and once you’ve been in the scrap business it’s hard to stay out of it. Over the years it’s been a good balance being in both industries, when the markets are down in one area they’re usually up in the other. This has helped MACS weather some of the economic downturns other facilities were unable to survive.

We’re still a small family-owned business today. Even though Wayne has taken a step back and isn’t in the office as often, Keith is still here full time and is the current acting President of MACS. Wayne’s children, Lea and Taylor, are here with their spouses. So, no matter which area of the business you’re visiting you’ll always get the very best service at MACS.